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6 thoughts on “Catholic church declares Gota as ‘mastermind’ of Easter bombings

  1. The headline is rather misleading although the catholic priest did mention that Gotta suppressed the truth about the Easter bombings. These ruthless fellows are very capable of killing innocent people to gain political power.

  2. It is obvious that any person suppressing the truth coming out or preventing an independent international inquiry into the Easter Sunday massacre are complicit in various ways

  3. GR not only supressed the quest for truth post Easter attacks, he is undoubtedly the mastermind who crafted the carnage to pave his victory.

    As mentioned a total and complete overhaul of the existing political landscape is urgent for the country to forge ahead rather belatedly. Recycling the existing unprincipled bag of career politicians. We need young educated, dedicated, honest men and women of vision with a deep love for country to take this land forward.

    1. Fat hope my dear!
      I’ve been around to many villages in Sri Lanka and have never hesitated in talking to the locals whenever the opportunity presents itself. I have learned that they look for thugs to represent them in Parliament and have explained the reason for it. They have told me that a cultured gentleman would be a pansy in the presence of his/her party leader and would therefore not be strong enough to extract what the village voters desire for themselves!
      And, our political leaders cannot be expected to be cultured and possess a sense of ethics. They could only behave as their parents did and very naturally follow in their parents’ footstep.
      The biggest culprits in this unfortunate scenario are the party leaders. They are the ones who hand pick murderers, thieves, brigands, marauders, cattle rustlers, chain snatchers, the fraudulent and such types. They are the delight of party leaders and there is no hesitation whatsoever that interferes in a party leaders reckoning.
      Rustom Jalaldeen
      7th. April 2024

  4. Yes, from the time Gotabhaya announced it was obvious from the time Gotabhaya announced his candidature , even before the blood had dried up proving he was the mastermind and those who covered up for him too admitted they didn’t expect a carnage of such proportions. This may also be why the Rajapaksas are keeping Gotabhaya out of the scene This is covered up by yhe present regime as well.

  5. People of Sri Lanka wake up , clean up your country in democratic way by selecting a man or a women with no blood on their hands.For the country to overcome the corruption, power angry politicians and corrupt officials.Only way is to vote for person of any race , colour or creed, who will do good for the country and make them accountable for their actions, if they want the job.All politicians get a base salary and reviewed by independent citizens, every year. How much wealth they had when they got into parliament and what is the wealth after a year accumulated . Any thing beyond reasonable, immediate termination of the position and pay back stolen funds to public service funds.Where the salary of the independent citizen court gets paid and do other social development programs to make citizens of Sri Lanka, live better and promote better quality of life.
    Every social structure of the society should be represented and have a say in the process.It solely depends on every citizen of Lanka to be voiced ,no politician interfering.
    Can something similar or better can be achieved in Lanka sake , for the future generations.I am just throwing it out there an idea.

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