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4 thoughts on “Police Arrest Pricy and Arrogant Street Food Vendor After Tourist’s Video Goes Viral

  1. Vendor
    can’t chase away the tourist or anyone from the street. He can be warned for that. It is not a tourist hotel so he can’t overcharge or he should put a board giving prices for tourists like in Archeological sites.

  2. We, 🇱🇰 has had top idiots from minister of Tourism down to the lowest post of that ministry. Long years back they should have formulated laws to punish such double standard pricing for tourists. I have traveled in many developed countries where no extra charge is levied from tourists. If you are a senior citizen, they give a discounted price, too!! In Sri Lanka every mothers son & daughter chargers a higher price from tourists, wehether it be the private or public sector. No one can justify selling a plain tea & a Uludu wadei for 1000 rupees! Shop owners are supposed to price mark their goods. Even at this eleventh hour the State should enforce stringent rules to punish rude & unscrupulous vendors of any goods to tourists.

  3. Yes to all your comments but if the customer ask for menu in the 1st place and if you don’t have one ask him what he would like to have and should mentioned the cost for that item then and there but this thug asked the cook to make it straightaway but the customer wanted to know the price then straightaway the thug raising his voice and pointing his finger at the customer forcing him to leave the area(i don’t think he is the owner of the street)also he was pushing him on the customers shoulder.
    According to civic law he shouldn’t have touched any part of his body which he did.
    I suggest that Emeka is in Nepal now and when he comes to Srilanka Harin Fernando should be informed by the airport authorities also harin should welcome him with proper royalty.

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